Jackson County supports a variety of community based organizations to assist residents.  The Jackson County Legislatures supports Outside Agency funding which utilizes an online portal to accept applications to be considered with the adoption of the annual budget.

Outside Agency Funding has already been determined for 2019; however to review eligibility for future Outside Agency funding opportunities, please review the "Eligibility for Funding" below and continue to check back towards the fall of 2019.

Currently funded Outside Agencies must continue to utilize the portal regularly for updates, notifications and submitting all documentation requirements.  


Eligibility for Funding

Agencies MUST be able to produce the following documents in order to reach compliance with Executive Order 04-18 and receive a contract from Jackson County.

  • Current IRS Form 990
  • 2018 Jackson County Paid Tax Receipt or proof of Jackson County Tax Exemption/Statement of No County Taxes Due
  • Fourth Quarter Documentation (Previously Funded Agencies Only)
  • Annual Agency Report (Previously Funded Agencies Only)
  • Full Agency or Program Only Audit (Previously Funded Agencies Only)


Do not submit these items at this time, however, if your agency is able to meet these requirements proceed to “Funding Request”.

Funding Request

A complete Outside Agency Funding Proposal must be submitted online and consists of following items:

  1. Program Application
  2. Certificate of Liability Insurance valued at a minimum of $1 million per occurrence or $2 million annual aggregate
  3. Missouri Secretary of State Certificate of Good Standing
  4. Missouri Secretary of State Annual Registration Report
  5. Non-Profit 501c3 Letter OR IRS Exemption
  6. Year End Financial Statements
    1. Balance Sheet
    2. Income Statement
    3. Cash Flow Statement

Please note we will not accept any hand-delivered, mailed in, or incomplete applications. To proceed with an Outside Agency Funding Proposal login below.

Complete proposals are due Wednesday, October 31, 2018.


With an election year in 2018, the Jackson County Legislature has until January 31, 2019 to adopt the 2019 Budget. All communications and notifications regarding the status of your application will be posted on your dashboard upon login.

Should you have any questions about the process or information required, please contact the Auditor’s Office, auditor@jacksongov.org or 881-3310, prior to submission of your Outside Agency Funding Proposal.


Crissy Wooderson
County Legislative Auditor




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